I started collecting cels on July 2001, specifically at the AX 2001. That's when my wallet started crying.

Im a huge fan of manga and anime. In this gallery you will find cels from animes of the 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000.

I used to have time to scan my cels, but now I dont have enough free time for that. So I took pics of the new cels. If the situation changes in the future, I will scan them.

Please feel free to take a look around, and don't be shy to contact me if you have cels from the same sequences, if you wanna get rid of your collection - I promise I will take good care of your cels - or anything cel related.

Also, I would love adding backgrounds to my cels, even if its just scanned copies. Feel like sharing so my cels can look prettier?

News & Updates

9/12/2015After a few years, I finally updated my gallery. New cels: Shinichi Kudo, Treize taking a bath, Mazinkaiser, Shiryu, Albert and Conan.
11/9/2006Updated my gallery, hope you enjoy the new additions.
8/4/2006Added one new cel of Vegeta in SSJ4
6/30/2006Update of my gallery, I uploaded cels of Candy Candy, Gaiking, Mazinger Z, Dragonball Z, and others. Im still working on the updates.

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Title Last Updated
Arrow emblem Grand Prix no Taka (3) 11/9/2006
Ayashi no Ceres (2) 8/30/2006
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 (1) 1/6/2002
Candy Candy (26) 9/12/2015
Card Captor Sakura (6) 2/21/2007
Daikyu Maryu Gaiking (14) 4/20/2007
Dr. Slump (2) 7/21/2002
Dragon Ball (23) 2/20/2007
Escaflowne (2) 2/21/2007
Fushigi Yugi (3) 1/5/2002
Gundam Wing (12) 9/12/2015
Hana no ko Lun Lun (3) 11/9/2006
Hana Yori Dango (1) 8/30/2006
Inuyasha (2) 3/29/2007
Kotetsu Jeeg (2) 12/19/2006
Macross (1) 8/30/2006
Magic Knight Rayearth (1) 8/30/2006
Magnetorobo Ga-Keen (4) 8/30/2006
Magnetorobo Ga-Keen - sequence (11) 8/31/2006
Marco (1) 5/23/2002
Mazinger Z / Great Mazinger / Mazinkaiser (14) 9/12/2015
Mazinger Z / Great Mazinger / Mazinkaiser - sequen (20) 6/30/2006
Meitantei Conan (15) 9/12/2015
Nightwalker (1) 3/17/2002
Rose of Versailles (1) 12/1/2006
Saint Saiya (1) 9/12/2015
Slam Dunk (16) 4/20/2007
Slayers (2) 3/17/2002
Tenchi Muyo (4) 1/6/2002
Trigun (2) 11/9/2006
You're under arrest (3) 8/30/2006

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Gallery Created: 1/1/2002
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