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The current status of anime
last modified: Saturday, September 12, 2015 (8:12:18 PM CST)
Due to personal reasons (mostly the death of my mom) I stayed away from cel collecting and my gallery for some years. A few weeks ago I got curious and wondered if Rubberslug was still around, and it was! I found my password and was able to get into my account.

So... since cel collecting is like an obsession I started checking out my gallery, and this made me take a look at other galleries, but apparently lots of people haven't updated their galleries since 2007. Is people still collecting? One thing lead to the other and after a few clicks I noticed the websites and stores I used to visit in the past are no longer available, havent been updated, etc.

What happened to the hobby during the years I was away?

Anyway... Ive been watching Dragonball Super. And even though I knew and despised all the cgi in the anime, I just can't help feeling like throwing up each time I watch a new episode of dbs.

Toei do you hate Dragonball, Toriyama and Vegeta THAT much? episode 5 almost made me want to slit my wrists while watching a marathon of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

I dont get it, names like Dragonball, Sailor Moon, One Piece are like talking about a gold mine and yet Toei decides to fuck it up by reducing costs and hiring people - outside Japan - that have the drawing skills of a 2 years old kid? Are you kidding me?

why why why WHYYYY! *screams dramatically while pulling her hair with her hands*

And not only that, the animation looks so plane, the colors look so horrible, no details... Im really bad at drawing and Im pretty sure I could do a better job.

I hate you Toei!

there, I said it.

so is anybody still around?
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